I spent days, these last few weeks, weak! Drained dry of hope: wishing there was another way out for us! We deserve more. We could only go down on these knees; ask for more than that time- we have gotten from the Creator Himself.

Time that I could use wisely, selfishly and intricately: to fathom and adore the splendour of a being you are. The stuff that makes you the being that you are, are, of delightful dreams and stolen fantasies of wishful thinking.

All I could ask for, before we run out of fate, is we sit and contemplate while we draw a plan, a map really –  to lead us to the treasures we bare deep in our hearts. In a nutshell, find our way home... Strategize ways to make our hearts tick, and watch the second hand being chased by the minute’s one, as our hours  fly away to an unimaginable stand still.

I want to love this precious moment to show you how I feel. Tell you how I feel. Teach you, how to feel.

I sit here and wonder, as I jolt & scribble my affection on paper, if you think of me?  Down at the coastal region, with the ocean adoring your presence, with the white sands bearing your weight and the sweet smile’s glamour on the breeze’s freshness. As the sun’s embers of rays glide to your skin.

Serenely I sit, still, sighing &  singing; secretly in my heart. What manner of charisma should I possess to steal & melt your heart away? In my mind, I struggle with complex puzzles of how to extend our time.

I need time to fight viciously, to erase the erroneous errors I made in fear of disappointment all those years ago. Needless to say, I don’t want my mistakes to pile up on the ghee future lying there as it awaits, our soon arrival.

Words mean nothing, when eyes collide &  synchronize to make two people’s portals to the souls open wide. Now, I recall, that feeling gushing through my body each time I reminisce when our windows to the soul opened as we passed each other on halls and corridors there where we meet back then. Saying that, a memory lingers, when once your shy self, couldn’t hold it anymore, but look down.

I need you to realise one thing. We deserve a fair chance. An opportunity that seldom comes twice in life. The elite call it redemption. This may as well be ours, once this ship sails, we’ll forever be lost at sea.  Forever wandering the vast expanse of water, never to reconcile with our far flung hopes.

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