I remember days when I was out cold, running in the rain, playing with such joy and exuberance that warmed my heart. I would get into trouble with my mom of course, but, in that span of a lifetime, nothing mattered. All, was good in love and war. I knew I’ll play the piper when I had the longing of my heart. To be free… 

Freedom, is what’s been fought for on ages long. It’s all our mortal bodies yearn, and our spirits crave. Our own fiber of souls nourishes from such instances. 

Growing up, all I knew to do well, was care more with a love that transcended care itself. Life seldom gave a breed of good hearted folks, I knew that from a young age. So, I kept the few close pals deep in my heart. Embraced every chance I got to enjoy life with them. 

Fast forward, two decades later. A rich heart and contrite spirit is what fills me. I choke to the brim of this love of mine of people I see to be unique. I’ve lost a good number of kindred spirits, but wherever they are, I hope and believe they continue to live special lives and touch others’.  

Of a girl, I recently got alienated with… Much sincere heartfelt remorse floods my aura. Last of hope, last of care, was the last ticket I had for last human love. She disappoints with a love so cold. Setbacks and broken links of communication is what shook this metaphor of a love ever bold, when it lasted, as it was. 

Ever tried to live so bold, only to be broken so cold. The power of self, lingers back and forth, as an aftermath of a cruel setback of a love ever gold in rich potent souls, seeping and oozing out of this hazel hearty eyes. 

Far, on this late last love evening sun. The ashes of a well profoundly caring heart: the wind dispases cubes of carbon elements to commemorate two decades of love and hope, set free to where it belongs. Never being a place here nor there, though out of sight. 

Now, a phoenix rises. Cold and bold. 

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