We were cut from the same clothe you and I, though you fuss and fight, and for that, you forever will be my foe. You say this malice that has striken and befallen us isn’t your own making… In spite of all the innuendoes and forfeited alibis expressed from thine mouth, I say that’s slander. I shall lie in my bed night after night, looking at all our pics and hope, hope suffices,  as I, each new day blame you solely. 

Such pain knows no bound. Found on shy hellos, our stars aligned perfectly that day. Far within our adventures we sat next to one another. With your beige shorts and my grey boots on that beautiful mountain side. With all our friends lying down and tossing on their sleeping bags that afternoon,  after they had their lunch. 

We talked splendidly of our families, I recall, you opened to me, that’s the day you let me in your heart. I know that now, cause that’s the sense- out of all the sentiments shared that day. We had the best of times, until our friends woke up to join us in the jubilee of warmth that engraved our aura. 

We denied for long, that what we had, wasn’t  more than mere cyclics each atom of friendship attached to the next. But, that’s where we were wrong,  we weren’t just friends, ours had transcended beyond comprehension from the out looker as just that, friendship!  We felt it, we knew it, this was more, this wasn’t magic, this wasn’t a miracle, this was and will be- enchantment. Serendipity. 

One gaze, a stranger could tell, our souls were billion years old for we always found each other every lifetime. Soul mates of some sort that were just a little bit more than just soul mates. Though, you want to elude me in this lifetime. 

You want to run out and make merry with mismatched obligated marriage. I say this with a lot of remorse. I’m out of hope. I’m in despair of love. I don’t want to try to love any girl again. Cause all I do, is cause havoc to my heart and in return hurt them immensely too. You are mine. You always have been, and forever will be. I want you to know, that, you will try to find bliss with another, but, it shall always be forsaken pleasure just as is chasing the wind. 

…To be continued. 

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