InsanityThat’s how I sum up these avalanche of thoughts, that have triggered a wave of habits, which have altered my behaviours and soon, what’s in jeopardy is my personality. What’s creeping into my bones is a distilled form of insanity. The purest form you can think of, the deadliest poison that seeps and erodes the once crude man, I was.

Looks into the mirror… “Hello stranger, what a pleasure to meet you. You could be characterized as an average looking lad. Despicable courage you got there with such looks, which I may warn you, may be your demise someday in a way.” ‘Developing an ego are we? Watch it lad, before the downward spiral you begin to spin. Bit by bit, you’ll wish you were the modest man you left behind. At least, he was safe.’ 

He was expected to act in a particular way and so he did. To be emotionally involved with his peers and more so, his girlfriend so he did, without fuss or prejudice. A spiritual fanatic, a believer of believers, of beliefs and customs that make sense, but a seldom sacredness is at par these many days after the transformation. It’s scary, but needless to say, that’s what makes the blood boil. Makes it have that kick of action it needs.

Look all around us. Hope. Hope is gone.

 So, is the hopeless romantic. How he got here, who cares. We feel good don’t we lad? We’ll make an excellent team. The world is a dark place, and in the abyss of mysterious darkness, the boy with buoyant gallantry rises up, and makes hay while the sparkles of light beam in a distance. We got to get ready to beat the misery of life down to its knees. As we, grin sheepishly above it, almost exhaling our cold alveoli out with the satirical Lucifer’s laughter.

A little demon dances in all of us. If we let it, it becomes a ballerina girl, bouncing with ghee, boastfully. To what lengths we stretch in our demises, stenches the soul nasty. Sooner, we all regret why, we couldn’t contain the monster. But, who ever chops off it’s legs? Very few. I know that for a fact.

Listen lad. We better sync now. Don’t want you to be a sissy later crying on my shoulder, why we sat and became spectators of the theatrical front line seat view of the ballerina girl dance. Take your pick now, and smile for the pic dear, the choice now defines you entirely… Hopefully not in its entirety eternally. We may pull the parachute a day, and land on both feet, when I’m done with you. No insurance or guarantees promised.

Our journey begins, with an assurance, we are crazy. Wait, the image in the mirror is a reflection of you, it’s us! What malady, have I unleashed?

Lad, don’t be melodramatic. You’ll bore me to death.

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