I try to depict time as a stream of wave, constantly as light, seeking to reach its eternal goal. To an end, eternal and extends to the darkest and furthest curves of our cosmos. To seem time seeks its lost lover, maybe searching forevermore to reunite with its source, a place it once knew as a palace, a home.

So its fast seconds pace to that goal. It appears to move slow, until you try to imagine memories of past. How long ago it seemed you were young, you were naive, you were gloriously playing with no care of tomorrow.

This last few years, two to be exact, I’ve felt that loneliness a beam of light feels; like that second of time yields. Two desolate absolutes serving their aim of immortality, with a care of only that tact. With my passions to one day, uplift my people’s potential to create a legacy to live through the ages. I was at peace with my purpose, however abandoned my soul would be. Sacrifices serve humanitarian ends.

Then, out of sheer luck, I saw you. A vision ever brand serene, evermore splendid. A vision of grace; and a vision of sorts so secretive and outspokenly sweet.

How you were a stranger yet felt like a source encoded deep within my soul – left me stupefied! For instance, the type one could experience after witnessing a miracle in the days of yonder.

I asked your name and the most meaningful syllables escaped your lips with this smile I only thought seraphims possessed up in their heavenly orchestras, singing and praising their Maker.

At the slightest first glimpse our eyes met, I viewed how stunning a being of creation exemplified as a masterpiece. Your kind mannerisms and genuine gestures of goodwill shone: beaming the aura of your character as comets out in space dancing on the skies for the inhabitants of earth to fall in love with the celestials.

What transpired that day I first met you, will always be a divine manifestation. A miracle that thawed off the avalanche of ice and snow that had submerged a heart somewhere in my chest cavity; for a long time, until you.

I’m yet to unfold this vision presented within my very eyes, to take the pilgrimage to a land where I’ll find solace, maybe to break out of this bondage; that only time or light can ever understand.

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