In this space time continuum, it’s blinding so, how long since, you’ve circled the orbits and rings of my brain like an extraterrestrial satellite.

Beaming your gaze into my consciousness, my willing able form, to preserve your vision and the moments shared on days before this moment… Oh how, you shine; – my mortal-willpower of love and care. However perishable life is, with its fickleness, my mind has undertaken the craft to preserve all aspects of your being.

I envision in a time travel quest, I set to the multiverse on other universes to seek your hand and heart, to guard & keep selfishly to self – your deity’s essence and eminence.

Gradually, each day, on a broad spectrum – I miss you vastly! Like the search of life on planets unknown lying there graciously in the cosmos, I still search for your soul. Like a vivid illustration of the phases of the cycle of the moon. Each new season, comes with its wormholes to another universe to continue this endeavour. 

I don’t know, upon request for counsel to Newton or even Galileo or Descartes: what invaluable say, they’ll admit to this industrious act to reconcile my utterances to your dire admired presence – to which I miss, painfully. 

After you left, all that was left – was a blackhole in my heart. To signify, the death of a star, that had just vacated my heart.

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