Blue Dream 

​Such a soulful dichotomy. To reckon a blissful eternity’s kiss. A touch of two souls of same sort. Of a vista twee and complete. Incarnation of godlike attraction. Sweet lord! Finally, a big bang sparkle deep within. A cosmos dwelling in mind, deriving it’s essence in spirit and soul. 

The escape. The self sabotage. The other half equation to this dichotomy. How to grasp such a thing that shines so splendidly; and fearfully feel my hands tremble to the sound of her voice. The vibrations, the quakes, the tidings of great ramifications whence the patches of umbra get sighted on days that proceed our meet. 

If I be crowned a prince of the celestial skies, her Venus essence and eminence makes all gods shy. Her smile radiates wonder and makes those immortals nothing but little men. Not worthy of her hand, not worthy of her heart. 

Again, I say sweet Lord! This gracious encounter bombards nuclear fusions to radio cosmic disarray. The deity dangling daily in my mind. Do I erase this melody that taps rhapsody hallelujah as she comes gliding in the aisles of my brain? No, cowardice ain’t a trait for gods! 

It’s funny though. I haven’t held her hand, I haven’t opened the windows of my soul through a glance into her eyes and open the floodgates of emotions, as they come roaring in like raging lions! Those searching eyes. Beckoning safety to a wanderer as me, from light years afar. She got stars for eyes. 

Need I say more? Fears slowly being beaten into pulp and dispensed into the blue seas. As buoyant gallantry rises to define a new being. Pursuing her heart like a gent should: and keeping it safe as a best friend would. 

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  1. When I read such, I am in awe of whatever/whomever inspires you.I always re-read your articles and they are enchanting, every time.

    1. I doubt they reckon the awe, to whom it’s inspired. But, such is life. 😮😐👼

  2. Amazing!

    1. Cheers Khilu 😇😊

  3. Rachel Rowland says: Reply

    This is incredible and deep! I admire how you put words so well to make beautiful pieces of art! Good job Bimri👏

    1. Rachel, what you do too baffles me with bewilderment! To more to come from both of us content creators.

  4. A very nice creative piece. I must attest to the fact that indeed you’re a creative thinker.. Everytime i read your articles I’m like woow! Love your works bro.. I envy your talent, keep up

    1. You’re a great friend! I appreciate your constructive feedback.

  5. Wow.. I love this. You are such a wonderful creative thinker. Keep it up.

    1. Amazing that you think so. 😊

  6. Was I floating in some celestial space with Venus by my side..Amazing lines as always.

    1. Thank you Doc, Poet! 👼😇

  7. Every spur of moment I take to read any of your article i am amazed…this one especially makes me want to step up my game

    1. Do step up Claire. The world can’t have enough writers. ✒📒

  8. Awesome!! I love your diction, excellent description and captivating charisma. You are gifted!

    1. Carol, reading your comment sent my lips smiling like a fool. Thank you, you beautiful being! 😊🙌👼

  9. Nice piece bro keep up the great work..i think you would make a good script writer.

    1. I’ll take the advice into account and practice it. Thank you sir Wemsley.

  10. kennedian Nekke says: Reply

    Such a great piece… i love the use of the wordings they are soo deep. Keep up with the good writing.

    1. I will brother, I sure will. Thanks.

  11. I lack words…. Amazing!!!

    1. That still counts! 😜

  12. Sheena Tots says: Reply

    Too deep!! Your creativity is on point!! You never cease to amaze me, and you definitely know how to make your audience come back for more

    1. Such an honor, splendid encounter. Thank you 😇

  13. Wow…this is an incredible​ piece …. love it

    1. Lots of love ❤

  14. Amazing piece of artwork, your blessed dear..Keep up the excellent spirit.

    1. Cheers 🎆
      To many more blessings.

  15. perfecto!

  16. This is really beautiful Bimri.

    1. No, you’re beautiful 😄😊😊

  17. This is really great!!
    You definitely know how to choose ur words. Keep it up

    1. Merci mademoiselle 😍😇

  18. I just don’t know how you do it but it’s good reading your work, and the wording is just awesome.

    1. You’re awesome. 😇

  19. Exquisite writing my friend every word carries my breath and heart beat with it. So eloquent so beautifully rendered I am in awe, keep it up

    1. Your comment is remarkable. Each word oozes finesse!

  20. Purely artistic art well put bro. Need not say more……

    1. Thanks fam, I will keep bettering it. 🙌

  21. Beautiful 💜

  22. Sasha Chimungu says: Reply

    Absolutely amazing! talent at its best

    1. Pumpkin😃… Your nickname is cool, ooh pumpkin! Hehe, thank you. 😇😇😇

  23. Such a great talent… Surreal

    1. You believe so? Such an honor.

  24. You might not have opened the windows of your soul through a glance into her eyes and open the floodgates of your emotions, but you certainly did to this piece. Good work bimri

    1. Thanks my brother. Mo is gonna be phenomenal! You know what I mean.

  25. Here we go again… Bimri doing his thing.. Loved it.. As per usual I had to read it more than once… A piece I can read over and over…I also had to pull out a dictionary as usual… It makes you think… Takes your mind to plenty of places… N I love the theme/setting… Poems as such are definitely your lane, your use of words and how you tell a story you draw plenty in for the reader to digest. Loved it Rio..keep doing your thing… Don’t ever stop writing!!

    1. Such a vibrant remark, I appreciate it! Each time.

  26. Wow!!!!It’s amazing…. I like how you use your words🙌🙌

    1. Merci 💪✌ Lucy

  27. “Her smile radiates wonder and makes those immortals nothing but little men. Not worthy of her hand, not worthy of her heart. ”

    Why did I not discover this well of goodness early enough??
    Bimri, you rock!! I love your writing and writing style

    1. Thank you Melodious❤. I love your name, just so you know! 😇😊

  28. In love with the warm friendly tone used. Arouses some kind of beautiful emotions. Keep it up.

    1. Yes Editor. That’s my editor y’all. Yes ma’am! Your word is gold.

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