​I remember sitting there by the fire. Not on it, just close enough to the Bonfire I could feel the warmth eat away through the night.  While throughout that time, I wanted to feel your side next to mine.  Your head right on my shoulder,  and your gaze right up my eyes. 

The picture of your blank stare into the flames still burns bright in my mind. How happy you seemed yet troubled at the same time.  While another interpretation was a candid view with some subtle tranquility. I never knew which was which. I yearned to know the thoughts roaming through the aisles in your mind. 

The entire night was inspired by the luck of good will our team spanned throughout the course of that trip. Some of the most intriguing moments in my life. It’s the nature of simplicity of it all. The phenomenal mountain air and crisp sensation of events. 

I remember you dancing. But, that wasn’t the best part yet. Your laughter. My God. Your laughter is the most joyous one I’ve felt. I recall watching a video recently of you laughing. It must have been embedded deep in my subconscious mind, I had almost forgotten it. I’m glad it didn’t come to that. 

I tried you know. I know you know that, I don’t know why you acted as you did though. I swear, then, you were the girl of my infatuation as much as one I clearly adored. I wish you took time to get to understand the workings of my personality, you wouldn’t have been disappointed. Best believe that. 

It’s okay though, everything happens for a certain certainty. 

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