Little mortals run around, fret about their fears and failures. Out here beneath the blue firmament of the ozone: with dreams of the cities beyond the skies and the horizons of the evening sunsets. At the twinkle of the stars: reminds them of their dwindled dreams and hopes harbored from childhood only to be sacrificed at the alters of adulthood. What a shame!

Creatures loss of creativity; beings faintly aware of life fleet by their breathe. Fools of love! Fools of reason! Fools, fools, fools! How else can you tell them love is a simple choice to accept sweet chill sip through their souls: – as kids beneath the heavens chase fireflies; or in the light of day to seek fairies in hope of wonder & excitement of the possible.

Yes, the mystery of hope to open oneself to the examination & introspection to be disappointed yet, rise up the day after the next with the same zeal as the day your angel got lowered into your arms to take human form.

To feel the unimaginable; one must proceed not with caution – but with belief into that pool – aurora light of love. If that angel hasn’t descended from the heavens; it’s quite unstable to open up yourself into such a miraculous belief.

To give with no intention to receive, I find that to be the gold; the opulence of it all. The holy grail of self actualization imbeds within this eureka; like a secretive element in a chef’s delicacy. Without which, no bliss surmounts the participants. Come ye both complete: none seek gratification from the other’s light – or else one’s mirage will make them loom to failure.

Never tarry in the fate of the weary who blunder into comfort and let boredom rot the fiber & fire of their knot. In such misfortune, you had better sipped cyanide than bring that agony unto a happy place. Bring the zest of earlier days each time you slip into those cascade slopes & steps which wind into complacency.

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