We are who we are, there’s no shame in that. For little minds, tramp reason and talk benign things that show the rawness of their limited thoughts. We roll on, with life. Hoping the great minds come along our paths eventually. To enjoy, a cosy classy engagement of the mind. 

Ever had such a splendid time, sitted down at some rugged chair, engrossed in conversation with a mind you’ll term after your own? It’s amazing! To say the least, pondering over the mechanics of the universe, the stardust left behind from supernovas. 

As you are sited there, the rusted springs from that vintage piece of furniture, rustles and hustles from the comforts exerted above. Every encounter derived henceforth reminds you of the relics of the greats, the drop of the apple,  Faraday’s breakthrough, the formulation of the relativity theory, Tesla’s Eureka moments, and the list goes on… 

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