So, I took a flight, decided it was about time. The flight was for Norway, I don’t know what town to. I remember being anxious to reach my destination. Cause what awaited me on the other end is what drove me for this escapade. 

Laura and Mira, were there. The two crazy Finns I had so loved encountered meeting on their trip down to Kenya. These two had really  been good friends and I hope we all formed a bond that lasts a long time. Those type of friendships that remain dear to your life. 

On the destination, I took a cab to where they were. A small organization they had volunteered to work at, that autumn. It was in the evening, when I alighted the cab and saw them walking with this ebony man. 

I think they never recognized who I was at far, so I walked closer to where they were as my bags were still being removed from the boot. I removed my hat, when I drew close enough to them. I dare say, I’ve never seen Laura so flashed on the cheeks like I did. She was holding her breath in awe with her mouth open. Mira on the other had, I swear, I could feel she was holding back jumping up and down with being mesmerized. 

A little while later, they held their hands and started screaming, you know, the happy kind. They both came my way and we had a bear hug. Damn, I so missed these two. To the extent, I could just take a trip go see them. 

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