i saw him once, i saw him twice
saw him at a distance,
and then, then i saw him near
i told my girls
ladies, meet my future
i said it in passing yes
but now, now i realize
in that moment,
with yet another breathe
i’ve lost
in that one minute,
that split second,
that one sentence,
i was declaring it, i proclaimed it
and then, then i owned it…

i’ll say it in my own words
i watched you walk beside her’
i watched you smile at her
and my heart whispered…
that could be you’
i watched you as you
turned corners
and, and kicked little lumps
of sand,
tiny perks of dust,
small stones on those paths
with the woman i secretly
wished i could be
i wished it, yes
but i had declared it,
i proclaimed it
and then, then i owned it..
see, because i said it,

somehow, between shy hi-es and byes
through a few mini talks
after very many stolen glances

we happened… 
you became a slight present,

now here’s where everything
took the road
down confusion lane:
you sat, next to me
i was shocked
heart “twerked” and fainted a thousand times multiplied
we talked, had each other at
‘is there anyone sitting here’

made afternoon plans in
a heartbeat

and God knows the minutes
and hours between that ‘date’
and that moment were way
longer than usual
and then, when time came
its almost as if the gate to
the nature reserve
had a tiny ‘welcome to open
happiness’ sign on it
it was in the way everything
was so beautiful

everything was so stringed
and hinged to its position
everything including us,
was in its rightful place
Twas in the beauty surrounding me,
the trees,
the greens, the fish tryna
survive in that dam, 
the you next to me… 
twas in the way everything
seemed to challenge the other
in the way the shortest trees
tried so hard to get 
as much sunlight as the tall trees,
in the way the tiniest ant tried to
stand up and move with the crew
in the way you, carrying one
of the biggest hearts
tried to tell me what
everything meant

what its name was
what your name meant
what i was going to mean to you
what…  what you already meant to me
and the amazing strategically planned when
God made his creation…

with the ability to let the other be
ability to let the roots grow wide
in any direction,
ability to let the water flow so freely
ability to let trees surrounding an area,
Not cover up the sky as much
ability to let you, let you let us be
ability to let us for but a moment
stand together,

in the most beautiful of places
safe guarded by trees sun kissed
beautifully caressed by
tiny streaks of wind
and from then, through living in
that beautiful portrait

we walked out,
and never wanted
to be in an image
without each other

By Nyathi 

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