Our story begins and will end in nature. The beautiful mother nature- what splendor it beholds? What mystery it unfolds? What secrets it holds? 

Sabbath midday, I left church to take a stroll to think and wonder about this amazing being who just walked into my life seven days before. Our tale seemed to have ended before it ever even begun. As painful as a mother feels when she looses her fragile newborn in that crispy cold morning just before dawn: I can try and quantify our pains to be of same magnitude!

The ache takes anchor into my heart; as harsh spears arch the aorta of my soul when I fight to hold to her memory. She has an enormous heart she wears on her sleeves. Archives of the tremendous time we shared lingers softly in mine memories as horrendous grief creeps in to render them useless. Though I hold on, I hold fast, I hold firmly- to the times that comprise the fiber that makes my DNA move on with life. 

We are believers, her and I. The heavens know this to be so… In another world, I will be called Reeves and she be Peeves, the calling of our names in close proximities will leave the leaves on the trees hush with a serene silence bearing no grieves for what they will perceive is jubilation, an ululation of ecstasy, pleasure. 

There is hope for a tree that is cut down, it may sprout again and the tender twigs shoot forth to life. Man born of a woman, few days he has, and his life is full of troubles. He cometh forth as a flower and he is cut down; he also is a shadow that fleeth and continueth not! My days be counted by my Master and Lord, but the few He gifted me to share beside her are a job well done. Some infinities are greater than some… Ours be short as the days of a flower, we be cut down and wither off but you know what is amazing is that, another season is coming again. As a shadow is longest at sunrise, we shall stand tall; even in the adversities as it becomes tall during sunset, we keep going on, cause a new day is just around the corner.  For we will begin all over again.

Most religions believe in the afterlife. We made a religion of our own, you and I. And to it, we said we will always be happy beside one another for eons to come. Wherever we will go, we will always make each other feel special. With the Chinese baby girl you so yearned to have as our firstborn. In our world, we will have it all- live on the land between two hills or on top of a hill, Grey walls of our vista vividly seen from ridges afar. We adorn each other on the country life which you seldom dislike, being fashionable in articulate attires even  when you be farming. 

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