How do you tell her you’re broken and need not fixing: without breaking her heart?

You let her go.

It’s sad, often misfortunate, how the ugliest hearts, like mine drag others’ into the mud.

We are made to believe once our hearts are wrecked, we just bounce back to the bandwagon like nothing happened. That you, let someone in and hopefully they’ll help you see stars and rainbows of our not-so-fortunate-world.

The world is beautiful, uglier too, due to the human condition. It’s darker, our earth, due to our darkened hearts!

I’m at a phase where I consume the dark as much a reality as those persons who perceive they tend to dwell on the light, while really; their souls are smudged in idle feeble saint’s glow.

It’s best, wise even, to know where you stand. Acknowledgement, is the first step.

Seeking to shun souls away from yours as you transcend the healing process is next. Not to be an island! No, verily, I speak, don’t get entangled in love relations, lest you estrange another soul to the abyss you have grown too familiar to its depth and purgatory. Don’t expose such a being that only sought to reach out to you to go through the same damnation that weakens and gnashes your bones. Mingle wisely, be keenly social and wallow in new wonders and let yourself be polished through time as sand or pebbles get refined with constant abrasion.

Pain is real, pain to me, is a beautiful mess that I choose to see it’s abstract beauty. Through its contours and parallel patches of profound effect. Wisdom my child, wisdom.

This phase too shall pass like phases of the moon. Nonetheless, you need to know my favorite phase is the gibbous. Not too mild nor too robust. Always strike a balance above mediocrity.

My ally, let me lie here and absorb all this pain, this too shall pass. And when it does, we’ll dance through the alleyways and corner streets through town- down to the cathedrals and opera houses.

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  1. How do you tell her you’re broken and need not fixing: without breaking her heart?

    It is a tough world bimri, when one wants to love or be loved but the cracks in their being pose a challenge.

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