Men, good reasons to support feminism, I promise you’ll love this. (This piece assumes a joking stance on a very serious issue. Be alert ⚠ not to miss the point!)

1. No more cramming game

I feel it’s well long over due why guys have to be the ones chasing these women as though you’re a lion hunting an antelope. Let’s finally see if the antelopes, gazelles, buffaloes πŸƒ, wild beasts, zebras and others can reciprocate the process. Come on guys, this one will definitely make you sit back, relax and let the food bring itself onto the table. Who wouldn’t desire that?

2. You should inquire about her soggy mood all the time???

Guys, feminism solves all our problems of relationships. I assure you. She gets mad 😑 and doesn’t want to talk to you… Let her be, atajipanga. When she’ll come around, if she does at all, she’ll tell you her issues. If not, hommie chill the fuck out.

3. Boy child fiasco.

Guys, the money πŸ’΅ you get can be split on bills and not unwarranted investments with no sure long-term returns or interest. Interpret this as you will.

4. Balance control.

Women, I don’t know who the fuck said you need to plan or arrange your man’s life. Just go plan baby showers with your girlfriends or sleepovers or whatever. Just let the dudes be! Period. Men, don’t interfere women as they control their own stuff. This is a win win for everyone.

5. Nagging.

Just tell her to shut the fuck up. Like, seriously… Who loves being nagged? WHO? I fucking dare you to step forward. Want to nag, get a pet or something.

6. Serious note.

On a serious note now, guys, feminism isn’t a threat to anything. It’s a way to allow everyone to be treated with respect. That’s it, respect. Ladies, respect is earned. Men, you ain’t the boss of nobody.

7. Love.

Please, no manual has ever been written about it. This aspect varies from one person to the next, and please ladies, watching all that junk on soap operas & expect guys to reciprocate that fallacy conditioned to your brains: I beg you OH! Leave us out of it. We ain’t all about China love or Naija Afro cinema.

8. Family.

This is the strongest suit to urge anyone be a supporter of feminism. Men, I don’t care “what the fucking” way you were born. If you were of surrogacy conception, or in vitro fertilization and hatched in tubes: or if you agree πŸ‘ with me, you were born by a woman πŸ‘©; then you have no pride nor privilege to disrespect them. Respect every lady for she is someone else’s relative, sister, mother, cousin and wife. That should correct the errors in your wiring society short-circuited.

9. False dominance.

Let me alert ⚠ you of the falsehood of dominance. The way you think you’re superior to someone else is truly in effect a depravity within you that screams – insecurities. If you feel dominant to other people it’s because deep down you’re a worthless piece of shit. You’re broken. Get some help.

10. Humanity.

To me, this is my favorite aspect:- humanity. The sooner we address this issue of feminism, the quicker we can get to address the more important things as humanity. Take care better beings.

15 Replies to “Real Men are Feminists

  1. Your writing is what everyone needs to be reading; not afraid to say it as it is but still gets people meditating after every piece. You’re going far bimri. Love it!

    • Aaaah, 😎
      you humble me with your words.
      πŸ™Œ it takes real to recognize real,
      you are certainly set to conquer wars! πŸ˜‡

  2. BIMRI πŸ‘,,, it’s not everyday we get people speaking truth, it’s always grey,, but you did the opposite,,, if white,, it’s white if black it’s black!

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