Agnostically apologetic. Maybe with the tale of an apple at Eden, to the fables of a supernova pile of dust and peril and doom! The misconceptions of life and the ultimate fabrications of mortal novelty, the perils we succumb to, believe me you; supersede the greatest tragedy we fool our feeble hearts, to be real – to love a being! 

In my own analogy, forget the the anthologies anticipated throughout millenniums, love, is the congruent creatively conceived in our minds to bare the misfortunes of another being, yet feel complete and bear no misgivings of this fallacy of life. Do we possess souls and spirits? Does our vain bodies represent a dimension or altered reality, in which our lives have predetermined destinations as of inanimate properties as those of gravel, marbles and lustrous lucid rocks governed by the laws of physics! 

If we indeed have free will, and the future is foreseeable by an Immortal, what’s this free will we boast of? 

The serpent, deceived Eve, the mortal mother we all bare our genetic mark from… The very serpent that hisses in the creep of the night with a cordless vocal larynx to tempt her and fall short of the glory only angels would have dreamt to break from their bondage to be of God’s favor and made in His own image. 

Yet, Abba Father, estranged the evil Lucifer, once the majestic creature, in power be- after his own Master’s, was thrown down to a planet yet to be formed! In a Universe where earth would foster His children! 

Alas! Let’s form man in our own Image. Though, how was man to be protected from the evil one? 

I mean, would you leave your own children in the vicinity or same environ as of a python? Forget python, let’s put it in context, beast! Would you ever let your child in the same presence or planet as of that of a dragon? 

Anyway, what do I know? Enough mumbling for an introduction! Let’s get into my tale, the reincarnation genesis. 

I wonder the color the pits of hell look like? Or the firmament therein dripping in fallen angel’s blood? Would those elegant creatures, once, be bleeding bold black pellets of blood? Or is it crispy white, emblazoning the embers of sulphur and hot tongs of brimstone! 

Irregardless, the depiction wouldn’t match the reality, one lucid mortal dragged my heart through all the chambers of hell as illustrated via Dante’s play, the Inferno

She. She… She couldn’t, she wouldn’t, break me! So I thought, vaguely I believed those who have learnt to be hurt by the chains of broken lovers and blasphemous bastards of love, could have grown out of those bondage bins of- to do unto others as they have been forsaken! Clearly, they still, or she still rather relive the ranks of recycling the same baggage. 

I wish I’ll have forgotten the taste of none-leap years, clearly if I met her in that timespan, I would’ve leaped buoyantly past that encounter. 

Truth be smirked bluntly, she’s not the worst I’ve met. I’m hang on forsaking my conscience and intuition. I fastidiously violated my intuition, and that is the part I can’t move past. This intuition mine, be mean than Karma! 

Now, with heightened senses reinforced in my amygdala, I doubt love is something I envision being enslaved to ever again. 

Take away note: with every fine woman who walks into your life, she isn’t meant to be attached to your heart. Some serve severely as seekers, or friends, whom you shouldn’t have entangled your radicals to! 

Her. Her, I promised would be the last of this murky lane of love. The projectile this mission would achieve, be that of destiny. Lasting till the sounds of trumpets and cymbals be heard in the cracking of the sky. With quakes gravelling skulls from graves. The day of the Lord be upon all- us sinners! 

Boy, was I delightfully sadden when the twenty first of July beckoned it’s ghoulish grimy hands down my spine. She killed me. She did. All life lied there in the grave and spirit liberated from this coveted heart of mine. To greener pastures, to safer places, beyond yonder, there where stars are born. Alone. A lonely safe soul spiritually sane and candidly awoken! 

And thus, each twenty of the first, I celebrate my rebirth. Today being the first of its anniversary. 

10 Replies to “Reincarnation genesis 

  1. Dude… you write like I’ve never met you… always said you would do this, I know, but it still amazes everytime….. dont stop.

  2. There you are shinning bright among stars visible to mankind Bru..
    Keep on keeping on coz keeping on what you keep on keeping on keeps you on point always..

    ..Let’s do this..
    God’s Blessings all the way

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