Of all the holiday seasons combined, none compares to when I celebrate my new years: the day you walked into my life. You delight me on holidays, on holy days too, while I cherish each day as it comes with you!
As people’s thematic red season feels safe and colored deep blood red, and people walk in pairs, know, you too are rich in my blood, flowing exclusively via every artery to the core of my heart where you belong. Each day knowing I’m in your heart is a gift, and gifts of red roses for this romance you deserve & more.

Then we march as we await yet another beautiful ordeal to happen. The day you where born to this world, the day the Immortal Sovereign saviour remembered my name and decided you’ll walk the face of the earth to be my companion. The season of my thanksgiving to God, for creating such an impeccable being.

What comes next, is how our appeal was made for the sake of humanity’s sins by the great prince of peace. He died, was buried and arose as he defeated death, just so you and I can have a shot at eternity. To spend eternity adoring thine beauty and wonder. So from the east to dreams fostered in my soul, let’s celebrate this season in ecstatic vigor.

I hope the toils of our labour will someday build a castle for ourselves and the younglings we would have conceived to us. Yet again, this season will be a splendour for all the landscaping to our home will be out of your own passion and creativity. God, I’ll love you.

Midyear, at the equinox, as seasons balance then. I hope you know, you brought balance and structure into my life. The balance within my soul, mind and heart. The structure to give meaning and purpose to whatever endeavor I partake in. Forever I’ll be indebted to your caring and state of equilibrium having you in my life has.

Just as we cross to the second half of the year, the seasons that follow this, are of how adventurous your soul is. The whole aura that you have, screams modesty. From the shy smile that grips your face when I think of us is a forever kind of way, to the way butterflies fill your stomach when I’ll have you in my arms.

Amidst the harsh gusts of obstacles thrown at our path, no matter how cold or frightening you may feel, know I treasure you most, and I trust in us. I trust that we’ll forge war together, for we draw greater power as a team. And no avalanche of despair can knock us down, so long as we unite in thought and in spirit. We will overcome anything that may overwhelm us individually, through the bad weather.

Step by step, we draw nearer to forever. For seasons come and go, but, how I treasure the delicate fibers to you existence wavers not. It only gets manifested more robust with every climb of faith we both share days proceeding this.

Octagons and pentagons, alongside all manner of play toys and all derivatives of science, we’ll teach our younglings. Teach them how to perceive the world in a creative perspective, and on those seasons as we watch them grow, we’ll know in our hearts, we are proud parents.

Never doubt us. We are a miracle wrapped up for each other’s treasure. We can only bring out the best in one another. What else then, do we have this complimenting personalities for? But, to be a shoulder for the others rest. Believe in the intangible insidious insanity we feel for one another.

Deceive us not, dear fate. For lies hurt the soul, if we are for each other, let my beauty be in my arms next Christmas. As, we celebrate her favourite holiday together, the spirit of love and sharing be the glory of our Lord.

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