A time, into the abyss spectrum of life, a moment deep within the future – in an age of oracles. I’m suspended in the mystery of wonder.

In the great firmament of memories… images flash back into my mind of the second millenia of human history. Sometime in the dawn of social media boom. When I saw a portrait of a refined young lady.

Of how it was – the hardest voyage never travelled to seek the gems that shined within her vault of peace – of inner peace in abundance.

It was all written in the sockets of her eyes. Gentleness in its entirety.

Think of gentleness, it lied, still – in her eyes.

Some souls, you’ll ever feel their serenity with a stolen glance, with a sprint into the spacetime and briskly hold onto a piece of peace that sparks freely in their irises. Mine was such, sweetly coveted in the eyes of a stranger. A stranger whose ways were accustomed to profound elegance sparkling with every effort of existence.

It’s a crush; a crush of chances; a crash of moments. The entanglement of elements which make one frisk for fear inside of one’s will to live. To leave such an opportune instance and marvel the glory of delight in an encounter of such a being.

Yet, it was the hardest part, letting go and not baring bountiful courage to ask her for a moment of her time. To simply fathom what makes such a being as herself, have such coveted gentle eyes that left lads with lost bearings once they stared into them. A lady, who knows no malady, as it seemed then.

The missed candour to briefly – know the secrets of her eyes, is what brought me back to this lifetime – sent by the oracles of time to relive this chance. And know her being.

A dive from the future, to seek her wonder, a wonder that drives the wheels of my wanderlust.

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