They’ll be days
Being one
Where I wake up
happy by the thought of you
yet sad, by how much I
miss you.

On those days
Like today,
My heart aches
My stomach turns
My eyes soak
and my hands crave yours
My lips seek kisses of yours
My body longs cuddles from yours
and my mind fights the urge
Of insanity, cause I can’t
converse with my lovely lady.

On those days
Today being an example,
My soul weeps
My teeth clinch
Cause I’m angry
At the universe
For never letting me
Be close to you every waking moment

On those days
My love
Like today
I wake up missing you
So much
Tears linger in my eyes
And my heart burden
Cause the day
I’ll see you next
Is not upon us
Like many more days
To come,
I sigh
Reading signs
When I’ll see
You again,
What glorious day,
It’ll be, my love


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