​When I miss home, as I will when I am far overseas .  I want to sit and sulk in solitude. Count my memories as stars dwindling on a cloudy night. I’ll caress my agony, of how much I miss my mom and my siblings. I’ll comfort myself with memories shared with jubilant friends. 

Where dreams lead me I went rushing without fright. Because I knew dreams came with a price. Heavy prices to pay, as you are away from all that’s familiar and friendly. Some nights will be longer north of the equinox. Where I seek to go. 

I will miss my sweethearts. All of them. Even though we broke off in alternating times. Those girls individually were special dears to my heart. I loved each one of them separately on different times as though I was going to spend eternity with them. 

Now that we are tropics and half hemispheres apart… I’ll yearn for their love to touch my soul yet again. Even if it’s for the last moment. I’ll miss the young girl from the carribeans most. Part of our dreams was to see the world together. I know how dear that meant to her. 

In all that, I’ll delight on the peace that celestial satellite brings. Shining its light on my misery. In part because, I have so candidly connected with that moon long on days back home. 

When my name is called, I’ve always felt like that magestic beam of solid rock that reflects light down on us mortals. More so, cause, my name means moon. You see, that’s the trick of the Moonlight. It always whisks your soul away to just glide on it all night long. 

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