Painters paint, poets rhyme poems and prose too. I wish I had a chance to win you over. This floodgates from my heart need to be closed before I drawn in my own sorrows, from this feeling consuming me from the inside out.
You are gone. Not that you where here to begin with. But, I feel too much pain not to express it. I see too much too. I see your patch of shadow as it leaves and I sink in despondency. The days I have lived proudly proclaiming my potent pure feelings poured peace in my spirit.

For a moment, a long period- though days it has been, my spirit and soul merged within my heart in unison. Jovial strokes of paint was splashed within the chambers of my heart. In an ululation and jubilation, that you had just walked back into my life, days preceding today.

For so long, I swear, I always wondered what had become of you. I thought of how life had treated you…  How many ladders had you climbed in your career. I wanted to keep tabs on you, find out how you faired on. But, at the back of my mind I knew that would be a grave mistake. It would hurt me more than it could merit my endeavours.

Did you find pure love?  Did you find someone who cherishes you? Was what you had with whomever you settled with be true love for you? Did you ever in your life ever see me more than a passerby? Someone that you were attracted to? Did I ever cross your mind and make you feel jittery? These questions and more flowed desolately in the aisles in my brain when I would wonder and miss you.

As you ponder over these questions… Know that I used to wait to see you as the lady in white as you tie the knot.


For the sake of people like me, dreamers, chasers of improbable dreams and far flung hopes, let me quit while I am still ahead. I cared deeply. I care now more deeper. If you were mine, my care wouldn’t shy off from the deepest depths of caring.

I wish you the best life has to offer you. Be more happy for the both of us, someday I may get that satisfaction of letting go of you. Or wait, it was of you letting go.

Your life deserves order and purpose. One I think it has, all I am managing to do is bring chaos to your heart.

As much as your heart is torn, mine is damaged all together.

It’s so unfair to have a view into the city of gold, heaven, not to ever enter it’s gates. That’s how I feel, I have had a peak into your insides, never to cherish you in mine, heart. I hate how I feel right now. Hopeless, broken and desolate.

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