​The theory of weary hearts merge on shores of lake Eerie 

 as rhymed time pieces written in soliloquy flash waves dreary 

To the spirit; midwinter hymns chimes ring nostalgic memoirs

In this weird crescendo hitting all the soul’s highs & lows

Dancing splinter snow-flakes drop as the custom that year

If I die tonight let not my lover’s eyes be teary

In part she called upon herself, disclosing her clear

Cheer of hope that could light the sky chandelier

Onto our path, to bear as engineers a multi-adhere

Resistant love-strong encounter, that appear

  to swindle feebly in this space-time dear

Let thine ear, hear all that is wise, fear

 not in the ghoulish herd of deer

Nor the cloud of bats that circle the corners

 of thine consolidated idealistic mind.

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