Worlds unknown to us

Came to being in this 

Predetermined time to be alive,

When I laid my eyes 

On my destiny, as you walked 

Right into my life. 

Who knew I’ll be yours? 

Who knew out of all the 

galaxies, the milky way

is where your soul would 

grow into mine on fertile 


Who knew the stars would be a 

little jealous with how our 

love sparks a whole lot brighter 

than the light they emit? 

Who knew the God high above could 

shy  at such a magnificent 

love that he placed in our hearts? 

Who knew you’ll rob me my heart and 

build a house with it for us to call


Upon all the faces of worlds unknown 

To mankind and his finite knowledge;

Let Earth be the fairest of them ALL 

FOR you my love dwell therein, 

Amongst all the angels that hide in 

Human form, you were there, here waiting 

To make all my dreams come true! 

I’ll forever delight to share 

Your birthday: the day you denied 

Angelic form, to come down and save 

My heart from mortal anguish of love. 

A love, only you could fill this fiery 

Heart of mine, I sing songs of 

Jubilation deep in heart, I hope 

The outward affection I share with you 

Captures the melody quite beautifully 

As a vista  of what lies within me 

For I can’t sing it out loud!

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