What is “A Picasso” all about? Here’s the book description.

“If you were to sing of the sweet sight shooting stars trail on the gallant night skies, how beautifully would you compose those notes to soothe a soul with a song so candour and celestial in design?

I seek to paint; I seek to depict those emotions as uniquely possible as Picasso remains one of the key figures of reference to art: so does “A Picasso” beam its relevance to a conscious soul of its minimalistic meadows within it’s pages to showcase the poetry & wisdom of the simplistic yet profound poetry to life: romance, purpose, pain and the Supreme.

It’s pages beckons a soulful reader to dig deep into the self, and sense all those senses of wanderlust within one’s mind, soul and heart. It’s a work of poetic artistry. Take a peak into its core and seek out your own blissful state of being.

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