I looked in the mirror today:
took a few selfies: titled
“Is it me or I don’t seem to age”
I felt cocky typing that as a post on FB:
Such a prick! I have met friends
from half a decade ago who
tell me my looks haven’t
gotten altered a day!

My mind on the other hand:
is as old as the pyramids on
some days. Some, I travel in
time through leaps & bounds
on book pages to converse with
the immortal writers who forgot
to get old. My type of people:
when I need to laugh hard: –
Bukowski is my refuge.

When I need to think & marvel
at eloquent written pieces: my
guy is Søren Kierkegaard. The days
I need to understand hypotheses
on science: Einstein, Tesla, Bohm:
to mention a few are my highly
revered immortals. Beings whom time
won’t ever be cruel to. Their bodies
of work shine on millenniums to come.

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