“AI is love.” Elon retorted.

It was a reverberation on what Ma had uttered seconds earlier, “love is irrational & it’s from the heart; logic is rational & hate is based on it.

I don’t think Ma knew what Musk had just done to him with that comment. He had flipped Ma’s abstraction to show how much more A.I can be an abyss of irrationality to the prospects of its power.

With all things in proportion; the discussion was far from simple: do have in mind, simplicity is the spice to life (in a sense of speaking). The ideas, just as much, as the speakers: were unequally yoked which made an haphazard exchange of words that was least spectacular to watch & listen to(bare in mind that knack Musk has, for witty sarcastic comments from his panelists).

It was painful to watch these great idols of mine go head to head like they did. They are both amazing industry titans on fields nonrelational; but go complimentary to one another. My first remark when it begun(the talk); wasn’t there a worthy panelist in the field of A.I in China who had achieved enough accolades to be on that stage with Musk?

Yet again, maybe the idea was to have those opposing energies on the same stage so as the powers could cancel each other back to zero. Which again, makes it counterproductive! Or was it?

My opinion, Musk was challenged by Ma who wasn’t his usual intellectual technologist counterpart who he had gotten used to their way of thinking. Ma had entered Musk’s playground & removed all the sand in his sandbox and replaced it with his own clay (I used this for differentiation of analogy purposes only).

All in all, they at least agreed on some things of the accelerating collapse of the world population. From an antinatalist framework; I don’t see that as a negation of any kind.

Life is suffering, to retort Nietzschean philosophy: and avoiding to add more wood to the fire: – is a win, depending with who you ask. For Musk & Ma’s descendants; well, maybe more humans; means more cogs in the world machine, that only the top percentiles in society get to reap the benefits. Again, all a question of whom you ask.

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