I have been a being who lives out his philosophies, which takes me time to build and criticize accordingly without prejudice. “Africa is my Muse” became my mantra a few years ago; at least it was formal then: – though it got illuminated within me for as long as life was in this mortal flesh.

It strikes me as somewhat poetic; it is, at first glance.

What does it really mean, the philosophy? It means with all of the powers endowed within me – I seek to see Africa magnificent – in every sense of the word. We have been subjugated to foreign principles from time colonialism hit our shores. From mortals who knew nothing but weakness of spirit. Vagabonds in a sense – so their hate spread through their general outlook of Us as a people (a thought which when engulfed in my spirit, I get inflamed by rage). Such beatitudes did the Eurasian colonies impose onto us – Britain, France, Spain & Portugal being the key proponents of that weakness of spirit.

Britain being a former colony of Rome. Their people being savages of the first order when Rome roamed their lands. With climatic conditions which weren’t a paradise of any kind. Strife with the most backward peoples; with not much natural resources nor fertile lands compared to African prime lands. As a matter of fact; the entire time Rome annexed Britain – it was the only colony that took more to run than any returns it could reap from this section of their empire. It was unprofitable in every sense that Rome had to close shop!

Then fast forward to the time they encountered the lands of the gods(Africa); you can only imagine the glare of greed in their eyes to know such a tropical paradise existed. With annual climatic conditions and fertile lands that provided Africans with all their desires needed for survival. The opulence of Africa lied in the sense that they were favored among all people to have all the resources man desired within their vicinity!

We needed not build ships to forage distant lands to survive. Wanted gold? Try the Akan & Malian empires to the West. Needed intellects of the first order in the old dynasties – look no further than to Kemet(Egypt). Needed an adventure with yearly cycles admiring the milky way as night hymns ring through the night? Then seek the Zimbabwean counsels of our brothers in the south.

Wanted to philosophize with the sands curled up on your toes & the sea’s breeze caressing your forehead? Set sails and visit the Swahilis in Mombasa all the way to Zanzibar.

Better still – wanted to dance to the African beat at the heart of the continent – meet the Kongo empire. Those folks do sure know how to throw down a party.

Wanted to be animated by the spirits of our ancestors – look no further than to all tribes across the plains, hills, valleys & lake basins on the magnificent continent. There is none like it ever – endowed with blessings and can be totally self reliant. Doubt me? Let’s dissect that thought next.

If we didn’t have all we ever wanted since time immemorial… Why didn’t we follow others “out of Africa” as it’s called! We were a people who traversed the continent in search for adventure as I like to see it. We didn’t migrate out of want to rule others and exploit their resources and peoples. Maybe evade internal wrangles that every sibling learns to recognize sooner or later. Though never to wipe out the other out of existence for how the sun shines off their skin & gets reflected into our irises.

But if we ever lacked something to unite us; all the thousands of tribes across the magnificent continent… then THEIR HATE gave us one. Going on forward we will be one tribe, they made sure of it with all their hate onto our dark skins. One day the descendants of Africa will see it. I see it as clear as the light of our sun – which makes me deem black folks the most precious sight that will ever get reflected onto my own eyes. And I say this after years of being indoctrinated with the western medias.

After starting my own collection of black people on Pinterest(@Bimri – check out the “Kemet” & “Eve’s gene” boards)… I have never seen such a rare shine of beauty my whole life.

With all matters of writings being short & precise; I will adjourn this series of thoughts to a later time. I hope it serves to fill your spirit with such a potent zeal to go out and make Africa Magnificent. It is a team effort. Until another time, be bold!

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  1. Indeed we live in the land of the Gods with all the mysteries of humanity enshrined in our dark stature, endowed with all that can suffice the human soul. If not for the serpent then we wouldn’t have endured this alienation malady but we are the children of the sangoma we’ll cast this spell and drain the venom. The black hole mysteries we will unravel.

  2. (Aah, Britain. Sigh, what a shame.)

    The blood that moves in the veins of Africa is the Spirit of ‘Ubuntu’, of togetherness. Thus the awakening you speak of, which will steer our continent to stand in Her rightful place, will – in good faith – come to pass.
    I hope you live to see that day and remark with delight that you professed of the same.

    (Finally, I highly recommend the aforementioned Pinterest boards that bear images of utmost pulchritude.)

  3. An inspiring piece that gives(us) Afro-optimists the fuel we need to continually & vigorously challenge the fallacy that has been ingrained in us by the colonialists both structurally & individually. This is meant to steer Africa in a positive direction. Yes, we did not need anyone’s help then & neither do we now. I will therefore finish with this African Proverb Quote: “If there is no enemy within, the enemies outside cannot hurt you.”
    ✊ Plays “All The Stars” by Kendrick Lamar ft. SZA!!!

  4. We need to discover and understand our history, this time around… Uncover the ‘hidden truths’, if we understand how we got to where we are today, it will help us not to repeat any missteps.

    We have all we ever wanted, and others needed. No sane person throws stones at a futile tree.

    We should UNITE and INVEST in AFRICA.

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