Such a nourishment! A bliss to the mind & a delight to the hacker’s spirit! A summation of will, for a coder! That mortal being that fancies the eclectic pious lines of code to change the world. 🗺

Hackers & painters was a purposeful read for me. I came to buy & devour it on a night when writing code was bleak & gruesome. After weeks of punching code & reading the mammoth sized, “Programming Python,” by Mark Lutz; it was a breath of fresh air.

It’s a title that was on my to do list for years now. And the anxiety dawned on me that fateful night; when I needed a change of scenery to my mind.

Written by a geek; for geeks. Misfits. Bandits to the social norms & wanderers of the digital world.

It’s precepts resounded well within my curious mind. The design process of software; team dynamics for a fully functional set of coders! Business arena – behind the scenes for startups! Recruitment & management! Acquisitions & development cycles… I can narrate a great deal of them & not seem long winded.

The sheer style of authority & authorship by Paul Graham – made me grace through this read at an astonishing pace. That’s to say, my mind was dancing the dance of a million sounds! Bewildered is the term.

For any coder; listen up closely brethren! It’s a must read!

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