Intellect in nature is a precarious thing to grasp. Hence the many cycles AI research has had to go through to even bring forth products as AlphaFold, MuZero, chatGPT or even Stable-diffusion models.

Summerfield has done such a gorgeous and brilliant job at writing this book. Gorgeous for the creativity exhibited to write a book that was so precisely elegant to read; and brilliant at unifying concepts siloed at computer science departments, neuroscience fields, cognitive sciences conferences and psychological publications in peer reviewed journals.

I swear, I read this book as slow as possible to savor every sentence. I wanted to tear through it fast – for its captivating nature in delightfully and deliberately explaining experiments on understanding the brain and its actions in the extensible world around us. I could pause in between paragraphs to awe at the above average quotidian polymathy the author displayed. It is truly one of those books you want to sit down with the mind that compiled it to have a decent chat on; and feel at liberty to ponder for more insights having tea or something.

At the end of day, this book left me more intelligible that I was before I picked it up. It not only taught me various researches on fathoming our minds, but also, it amplified my intuitions on areas of AI research I could embark on. All in all, it was truly nourishing. I am still in disbelief with how well it was written for a technical book, maybe the only one of its kind I have ever come across.

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