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Author of "A Picasso".



I have been a being who lives out his philosophies, which takes me time to build and criticize accordingly without prejudice. “Africa is my Muse” became my mantra a few years ago; at least it was formal then: – though it got illuminated within me for as long as life was in this mortal flesh. […]


Beings whom time couldn’t touch

I looked in the mirror today: took a few selfies: titled “Is it me or I don’t seem to age” I felt cocky typing that as a post on FB: Such a prick! I have met friends from half a decade ago who tell me my looks haven’t gotten altered a day! My mind on […]


An Orchestra of Minorities

I embarked reading this title after months of beginning it & laying it on read later. I had gotten my copy way earlier after it got released to the world. Timing is crucial with how I choose to read books. After finishing “Land of Fetish,” a ghastly racist recount of Western African escapades… I needed […]


Startup Bill, 2020

I read the bill and had a few comments/critics/recommendations to make on it. It is an impressive document that I believe will have a great impact ahead. My number one major critic is the allocation of “too much power” around or within incubators. Of all trillion dollar valuation companies in the world: none went through […]



“Kitu sina ni time na dayz zinafly Sieze afford kumark-time mimi” – Nyashinski. Days before today; I knew once I got my calling; in essence my purpose… I knew time would seize to exit on my timeline of the pursuit to greatness. There are many moments these days I wish I could get longer seconds; […]



Such a nourishment! A bliss to the mind & a delight to the hacker’s spirit! A summation of will, for a coder! That mortal being that fancies the eclectic pious lines of code to change the world. 🗺 Hackers & painters was a purposeful read for me. I came to buy & devour it on […]


African Dreams

No greater feeling to a course is there; than noticing how grand your visions & causes are revered by other beings, who are devoted to the movement most dear to one’s soul. Africa is that which I speak of! The past week was a breathe of fresh cosmic content! Imagine how new form sparked after […]


“Learning Python” by Mark Lutz

It must be a daunting task to harbor lucid grand dreams and be held back by lack of skills in the specific domain of interests. That’s how I was, a little few months back. It was infuriating knowing how well you can articulate oneself in a crowd full of programmers and be the laughing stock […]


Ma & Musk in Shanghai

“AI is love.” Elon retorted. It was a reverberation on what Ma had uttered seconds earlier, “love is irrational & it’s from the heart; logic is rational & hate is based on it.” I don’t think Ma knew what Musk had just done to him with that comment. He had flipped Ma’s abstraction to show […]