At first I found the reading tasteless, for it lacked passion. I tend to enjoy passionate works; but what Simone sacrificed for passion, she fulfilled by integration of logically consistent convictions! To that, I salute!

The feminine beauty of her thought processes is well develop in this treatise. I call it so, because I have not experienced such a unique outlook of philosophy that is so mellow, free flowing, natural, not forceful or abrasive in any context. All that to say, Simone’s work has been an enlightening piece for me to say the least.

Each moment in; I was awed with the ethics that flowed from her mind. What I once mistook for lack of passion in her treatise; by the time I was three-quarters way into the book: I realized was a mind that was comfortable with its intelligence, thus it was calm. It seeks not to incite arousal of negative feelings of any kind; nor does it downplay the significance of its analogies.

The ambiguity of life shouldn’t be mistaken with absurdity. Simone was keen to demarcate those two points. With the myriad of paths one could take; or collectives could assert – NEVER inhibit the freedoms of others. Never downplay the freedoms of the individual. For what is society if not a collection of those single beings.

Freedom is never given, that it must be taken. Watch the means though, it’s not self evident that the end justifies the means.

On Simone; her personality I deem quite unique. I am intuitive she stands on her own category, it will be hard to replace her in my mind, in terms to find an equal on her premise of works. She must be a giantess on her league.

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