I read the bill and had a few comments/critics/recommendations to make on it. It is an impressive document that I believe will have a great impact ahead.

My number one major critic is the allocation of “too much power” around or within incubators.

Of all trillion dollar valuation companies in the world: none went through any incubator program. Okay, they started at an era when such a notion was not conceived. My most dire qualm might be; instead of these incubators harboring innovation among individuals; they in themselves would become ENDS: instead of being MEANS to an end(startups altering economic trajectory for the nation).

How would I go around fixing that problem above(recommendations):

1. First make sure incubators are founded by entrepreneurs who have succeed to bring previous startups to market: and exited successfully. And they are more of mentors/facilitators that fellow young founders achieve similar outcomes. Unlike founders who are making these institutions to be their lucky strike in business.

2. The 15% of expenses by incubators to be targeted to having satellite “campuses” of their entities dedicated to rural areas. Really remote areas. And this one is NONNEGOTIABLE. This makes sure all young individuals in rural areas get a chance to showcase their ingenuity.

Now pertaining collaborations across sectors, institutions & universities. My addition to this feature would to ensure exposure of young curious minds to be opened to many possibilities. This means careers explorations. For jobs of the future are still being created and possible journeys to be taken aren’t clear. So this means those at the cutting edge of technology in the STEM, ARTS, SPORTS & EMERGING markets give tours to schools across the country. This in effect also might reduce some crook motivational speakers to be washed out of the system.

So in mind; my cognition sees a fostering of hubs across expansive regions distributed evenly to bring the dream to fruition. These hubs becoming the beating hearts for innovation. Where universities have an office; incubators have their star startups inspire young minds there; governments agency analyze and measure outcomes of the programs.

Let me paint the panoramic vista of the hubs in your minds. Imagine a big hub where all talents are nurtured. For purposes of simplicity; let’s pick a university as such a hub (for the space property.) Where libraries & labs are filled with resources for the STEM enthusiasts. Fields & courts & pools for the sport lads & ladies. Stages & film schools for the art creatives. These hubs would be the beating heart of counties. With different leagues to these hubs. With the grass roots hubs beginning from village settings. Progressive to county & national levels. Each individual growing & fighting their way across levels. This would create an interesting gamification attribute especially for teens & young adults that would invigorate their sense of purpose.

That is a condensed version of the order of things I needed to address as per this progressive document brings to the table.

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