“Kitu sina ni time na dayz zinafly
Sieze afford kumark-time mimi” – Nyashinski.

Days before today; I knew once I got my calling; in essence my purpose… I knew time would seize to exit on my timeline of the pursuit to greatness. There are many moments these days I wish I could get longer seconds; minutes; hours; days. Just to accomplish more. For there’s joy & fulfillment in my work. Even the challenges experienced never leave a bruise on my talents for I understand the power of them to act as files; to sharpen my skills further.

The other day; T’challa passed on. I am still at a difficult place. To contemplate the fickleness of time; in the scale of the universe; my time here is barely a microsecond. So I understand when it comes to leaving “a dent in the universe,” so to speak on my account; it feels like the sands of time are ever closing in… Cause kitu sina ni time; and days indeed are flying.

On dialogues that feel like operas, with a certain being; she reckoned – “there are few people who are called for a mission in this world.”

“You are one person who has a strong purpose in life. Anyone else can forego on theirs. But you can’t. You must see this through. You can’t escape it.” So she said and that’s a paraphrase of my recollection. It was weeks ago. Maybe a few months.

My mission looks me in the face each morning. I doubt the impact these days. I try to think of all great men of the past who thought they were altering the course of history and centuries after; all vanished. In terms of what they devoted their lives to; only to be rendered obsolete.

Such are the malady of my thoughts.

I told her of my reservations, of the doubts; the opera lady said; “nonetheless, you can’t live with yourself if you don’t do this.” I hate that she understands the workings of my mind that well. Of the subject matter of our dialogues; shall be recanted. Once the ball starts rolling.

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