I’ve pondered on length – how to ensue this journey of instructing the finest minds of Africa… I say “instruct” quite assertively to lay ground of the precepts I’ve borrowed from the ancient Egyptians with their ebony essence. Their maxims were labeled instructions:- thus, evermore I shall draw inspiration from the two sages: Vizier Ptah-hotep and Ke’Gemni.

To know philosophy originated on our gracious continent was a dream: that illuminated on my own eyes. The reason for this is that – the Ionian era succeed the ancient life on the great Savannah region.

For years, I have scattered my gaze to read the scrupulous works of both Eastern & Western philosophy: – to no great avail of satisfaction nor fulfillment nor contentment.

If you follow up on any evolutionary biology topics or have a great rhetoric and knack to trace the eminence and power Africa wielded way before the colonizers: – then you’ve probably come across the “Eve’s gene.” Please, if you haven’t researched on this issue, I beg you for the love of our ancestors; do some due diligence! The aura of this revelation will awe your very existence, I promise.

The eve’s gene, in a nutshell, denotes this:

All the so called “races” came from the genome of a black woman. That’s to say, only the black woman has it in her DNA the power to give rise to all people. See what I did there? I mean, the Orientals, the Caucasians, etc.. (I’ve paraphrased the theory of course.)

Philosophy, is the love of wisdom. To trace its roots – has been a fascination of mine. Thales of Miletus has gone down to be recorded as the first philosopher – according to one of my favorite podcaster – Stephen West of “Philosophize this!

Drum rolls…

As a matter of fact:- that’s not sound. The oldest books on record were from Africa. Yes 😎. You heard that right! They say – we couldn’t read nor write. They say, the first writings were from Mesopotamia. They say all sorts of stuff! Bear in mind – those old books ever:- one was written by Ptah-hotep and the other is so believed to have been written by an Egyptian called Ke’Gemni, who too was a Vizier. Viziers were first ministers to the seating crown – Pharaohs.

Originality is a virtue – as sure as the light of day, Africans did possess this trait. I want to labor often to bring the most sublime virtues of Africans to light in order to tap that prior ingenuity we have, embedded in us. It will be a gigantic task – nonetheless – we got a long way to go to restore the proper destiny for our people and beloved continent.

In retrospect:- I want to quote Battiscombe G. Gunn; a philologist and Egyptologist, who translated the works of Ptah-hotep. He said this quite remarkably over the authenticity of the works of the black Egyptians:

“But, as touching the books here translated—the Instructions of Ptah-hotep and of Ke’gemni — they possess, apart from the curious nature of their contents, a feature of the greatest interest, and an adequate claim on the notice of all persons interested in literature and its history… they were composed about four thousand years before Christ, and three thousand five hundred and fifty years before Christ, respectively. And the significance of those remote dates is, that they are the oldest books in the world, the earliest extant specimens of the literary art. They stand on the extreme horizon of all that ocean of paper and ink that has become to us as an atmosphere, a fifth element, an essential of life.”

What I love about Battiscombe is the way he goes ahead to depict the superiority of those texts compared to other civilizations that were forming hence.

“The Babylonians are doubtless exercising their literary talents; but they will leave nothing worthy the name of book to the far posterity of fifty-four centuries hence. Thirteen centuries shall pass before Hammurabi, King of Babylon, drafts the code of laws that will be found at that time. Only after two thousand years shall Moses write on the origin of things, and the Vedas be arranged in their present form. It will be two-and-a-half thousand years before the Great King of Jerusalem will set in order many proverbs and write books so much resembling, in form and style, that of Ptah-hotep; before the source and summit of European literature will write his world epics. For the space of years between Solomon and ourselves, great though it seem, is not so great as that between Solomon and Ptah-hotep.”

From the canonical lands of Israel; Solomon arose and he’s said to have been the wisest man who ever lived – yet Ptah-hotep had already existed three and a half millenniums before him. Not to forget the fact which Battiscombe reveals to be the similarity of the proverbs and sayings of Solomon to be similar as those of Ptah-hotep who was restfully laid on his grave/pyramid. So, is it coincidental that Solomon’s works were similar if not inspired from the works of Ptah-hotep?

Solomon had visitors come from the lands of Africa, I presume in plenty those times. Not leaving out the fact the Romans and their scholars traveled to get the wisdom of Egypt. Bare in mind – the queen Sheba (an African) as found in the Bible went as far to tour Solomon’s lands.

When it is all said and done; I only seek to shine light on these facts that should inspire and empower an African continent which has gone hard to silence on it’s own genius.

In bringing these information to light and instilling my interpretations of them – I foresee the youth of Africa rise up like never foreseen. It’s about fostering self image and empowering the sense and privilege of being black: – we certainly have been great before America was great! Or, tried to be made great again.

What this means about Africa is that, we are the lands of sleeping lions and lionesses. It’s upon us – the founders and CEOs of the growing startups to tap into the spirit of Africa to go further down in history to draw from the power of our ancestors.

Why did I fathom to annotate my works on this very subject? Well, to answer you plainly:- things need to be boiled down to their base elements in order to forge anything afresh. Believe me you, you’ll appreciate it more from the ground up once I’ve debunked it all. For further analysis – one who appreciates the “First Principle way of thinking” – will find my perceptions more enticing to behold.

I reckon this, before any life-force was fashioned; wisdom must have existed. If you prescribe to a different mode or view of the world: then arguably – intelligence must be wisdom in itself.

In closing, this post is to serve one of three purposes: one, make you anxious for this chain of thoughts that will progress on this African Philosophy Series. Two, indulge your mind to begin to form new mental models of an Africa without it ever being colonized or its people enslaved! Lastly, this should serve as an epic introduction (I hope).

Fasten your seatbelt friends, brothers and sons; daughters and sisters of these great lands! We are about to explore a whole new world.

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